The Taboos of Photography

Taboos exists around all cultures. In every culture, there are bound to be behaviors and actions that are considered to be unlucky, insensitive or offensive.

Many of us like to experience local culture while travelling. Hence, to get the best of local cultures, we often travel in small group, if not alone. One off the easiest ways in which we may cross the lines unknown taboos, is through photography.

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Look great with these 5 types of food that reduce bloating

Chinese New Year is just round the corner. Excited as we may be, many of us often face a common problem during CNY- Bloating.

Especially for ladies, I believe one of the most dreadful questions to receive other than the unavoidable work and relationship questioning is,  “你是不是发福了?“ , which translates simply to a very polite way of saying that you’ve been eating too much. Alright, point taken, but I’m not gonna eat less cos of that comment 😛 

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8 Ways For You To Look More Photogenic Without Makeup

Most articles that teach you how to appear more photogenic always emphasize on the makeup. This post, we are going to skip the makeup. Honestly, most of us just don’t have the time to apply various types of makeup (e.g. double layer mascara, falsies, bronzer etc.) just to get to work and hang out with friends after that. We could use the time to get more sleep.
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