Most articles that teach you how to appear more photogenic always emphasize on the makeup. This post, we are going to skip the makeup. Honestly, most of us just don’t have the time to apply various types of makeup (e.g. double layer mascara, falsies, bronzer etc.) just to get to work and hang out with friends after that. We could use the time to get more sleep. So if makeup is out of this article, we hope this post will also appeal equally to the gentlemans.

   1. Show off your ‘slim arm’ with no tum tum

You can achieve this by slightly twisting your torso, bring up the shoulder that is facing the camera by putting your hand on your hip while naturally flexing a bit of the arm muscle. Note to take for guys, instead of putting your hand on the hip, you can also achieve the no tum tum look by slightly twisting the torso, bring your shoulders down and chest up.

     2. No more blinkers, say hello to bright eyes

Especially in a group photo, this always happens to one or two of us. Most of time, it’s always the same blinkers. If you are a blinker and assuming there is a countdown before the camera clicks, you can avoid this by closing your eyes and opening them slowly before the photo is taken.

     3. Smiling naturally

If you have always find it hard to pose for smiling photos, maybe it is time for you to try this method. Tell yourself to feel happy and smile for the occasion, or reminisce about a funny incident that would make your smile natural. Photographers adore candidness, and this is one way to achieve that.

    4. Be a humble turtle (I love this)

  This may sound funny and even look silly from the side, but it works. Basically, what you have to do is to imagine that you have a long neck. Bring your shoulders down and just slightly inch your face forward while posing for the camera, and your jawline will magically appear. This method is the nemesis to your double chin and it also makes your face look thinner.

   5. I don’t know which side looks good on me

Based on observation and the frequency where we have unequal number of people on each side, I would say that most people look better on their left. So if you have yet to figure out which side of you looks better, you can do an experiment and see if this applies to you. (If you’re trying this, drop us a comment and let us know if it works!)

   6. Don’t just look s t r a i g h t

Even a little tilt can elevate your features.

   7. Natural light is good, but what’s the best?

Sunset. It’s a pretty amazing time of the day and the golden hour for photographers, where not just the scenery itself is a beauty, the flattering lighting will also make one look more radiant, natural and younger. Reason being, the sun is low in the sky and it produces a softer diffused light that does not cast strong shadows or blown-out highlights like the harsh midday sun.

8. Pose naturally

If all else fails, just pose and stand naturally. A camera pointing at you doesn’t mean that you have to stand at attention! Be casual and carefree. After all, being yourself is the most candid you can get, and candidness won’t go wrong. If you have your own photogenic tips & tricks that is not mentioned, please share with us on the comments section. We’ll try them out on future shoots and add them to this list if it works!