1. Arrange for a meet up with your photographer

So both parties can understand the theme you adore and tailor the shoot to fit the style of your liking.

  1. Arrange shoot to be near gown fitting date

For couples looking to do formal pre-wedding shoot, arrange your gown fitting date close to your shoot so that your gown will look the best on you in the photos.

  1. Keep skin in glowing condition

Invest time and effort (if you’re not intending to spend on facial) few months prior your shoot to revitalise your skin, allowing it to glow in the photos. A wallet friendly option is to mask regularly and drink ample water.

That being said, unless you’re really thirsty, refrain from drinking before bed and have enough sleep before the shoot so you’ll look refreshed.

  1. Consider Mani-Pedicure

Not just for pre-wedding, but for actual day wedding too.This is so you can flaunt your beautiful wedding ring or toes in those candid shots.

Opt for gelish if you’re like me, where classic manicure don’t last more than three days.

  1. Bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes

We love how heels accentuate our legs and make us look slimmer, but let’s be honest, most people like myself find it somewhat torturous to walk in high heels, much less to say walking on uneven terrains during the outdoor pre-wedding photo shoot. You’ll most likely be walking a lot during the pre-wedding shoot, therefore one of the must-remember to pack, is your most comfortable walking shoes.

  1. Decide on your attires and inform your photographer

Your photographer would have visualised how your shoot will take place, so it is not advisable to surprise him on the day of the shoot with attires that he did not expect.

Informing your photographer earlier about your choice of attire can also allow him/her to conduct sufficient research and visualise the best poses and areas to shoot at various locations.

If you’re unsure of what to wear, you can seek your photographer’s opinion and match different clothing to the shoot location. There’s no harm taking a pinch of his professional opinion!

  1. Planning of time

During the meeting session with your photographer, estimate and plan the amount of time that you want to allocate for each location for the shoot. Seek advice from your photographer. They’ve shot and will roughly know how long a location requires.

Rushing off from one location to the next may result in loss of potential captivating angles” 
– Sebastian, Senica Photo’s Co-founder & Main Photographer.

  1. Finding the right dynamics with your photographer

If you’re in a good mood, your photos will naturally show. Being comfortable around your photographer is a win-win situation for you and the photographer. Firstly, your photos will appear much more natural, especially when you’re striking a challenging pose.

  1. Invite your best friend

Couples, especially the bride-to-be should also ask her bridesmaid or best friend along to assist them during the shoot. It’ll be even better, if the companion is someone who can help touch up the bride’s makeup when required.

Having the right companion during the shoot can also help loosen up and make the shoot more enjoyable for couples
-Sebastian, Senica Photos Co-founder & Main Photographer.

For most people, pre-wedding photography happens only once in a life. An enjoyable and fun photo shoot experience will be a memorable one. At Senica Photos, apart from capturing beautiful images, we also believe strongly in building good rapport between couple and photographer as it is the root to creating a fun and enjoyable shoot experience.

We believe photographers, having shot many couples are generally accommodating and easy-going, therefore just be nice, be open and enjoy the process of your pre-wedding photo shoot. ☺