Azaac & Hemin’s Half-day Pre-wedding

A super enjoyable half day pre-wedding shoot with Azaac and Hemin. While it wasn’t exactly one of our intended locations, we found the first location perfect for the wet weather. Under the bridge, the space was vast with minimal human traffic, and the beautiful lines formed by the pillars allowed the couple to warm-up quickly to the pre-wed shoot.

Thankfully the weather cleared up soon enough and we headed to one of the couple’s requested pre-wedding locations at Joo Chiat. After spending half the day with them, we realized why they chose the location. The colourful Joo Chiat houses definitely depict Azaac and Hemin’s warm, playful, and fun-loving personalities!

It was a little bit of a rush, but we made it in time just for sunset at Coney Island. It was so gorgeous to see Hemin in a bridal gown and Azaac in a suit ready for the last part of the pre-wedding shoot. So thankful that despite the grey clouds, we were able to still catch a bit of sunset just outside the gates of Coney Island. The rainy weather also made sunset sooner that day, but thankful the weather held and we escaped the rain. With that, we were also able to have some fun night shots with the couple, with sparkles concluding our very fulfilling half day pre-wedding with Azaac and Hemin.

Pre-wedding & Wedding photography, and Livestream & Videography by Senica Photos.
Pre-wedding Photography by Sebastian & Monica. Edited by both with love.

Gown & Flowers: BQueens Wedding
Flowers & Decor: Joyce Ler Makeup Artist

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