Brandon & Hwee Hwee’s Regent Hotel Singapore Wedding

Brandon and Hwee Hwee’s wedding held at Regent Hotel Singapore: The morning started with a simple gate crash that included an exquisitely plated ‘breakfast’ set awaiting Brandon and his groomsmen.

At the large field where we did the photoshoot with the bridal party, doggos having fun were so attracted to Hwee Hwee’s white gown, they ran towards her the moment they saw her.  Everyone (including the doggos owners) was so worried that the excited dogs would get some mud on Hwee Hwee’s white gown but she was so chill and excited that the doggos were running towards her! Eventually the dogs’ owners stopped them before they go too close to Hwee Hwee.

During the luncheon at Regent Hotel, the couple had their ballroom lined with fairy lights, adding an air of romance as they marched down the aisle officially as husband and wife. 

Wedding Photography by Sebastian. Edited by Sebastian & Monica with love. 

Venue: Regent Hotel Singapore

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