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We are Senica Photos, a small, but ultra-dedicated team of wedding photo-videographers.
Sebastian is Senica’s lead photo-videographer and Monica is the conceptualist of the team.
We enjoy adding a tinge of spice (boldness) into our work to make every project special.
Each project we take on is crafted with our heart & soul and the goal we live by is simple:
To deliver every story through enthralling images that moves people.

Our Services

Pre-Wedding & Wedding Photography

Capturing the special bonds between you and your partner with dedication and sensitivity

Pre-Wedding & Wedding Videography

Documenting moving stories for reliving those special moments


A memorable keepsake from your wedding. We provide one of the fastest and highest quality printouts.

Virtual Photoshoot

An intimate photoshoot documented in the comfort of your home
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Recent Works

Our team at Senica Photos understand that wedding days are one of the most important moments of our lives.
We believe that every couple has a unique love story, and we seek to document and reflect those honest emotions felt on your special day through our work.

What Our Clients Say

  • My husband and I have known Monica and Sebas few years ago, way before our wedding. Instead of dismissing us, they shared their portfolio and lots of advice during our first meeting. We had a very good vibe about Senica, and thankfully this stayed the same many years later!

    Fast forward to few years later, in 2018, I contacted Senica to enquire on their availability. What touched me was Monica and Sebas still remembered us though it was after 2 years that we contacted them again!

    We are really thankful to have engaged Senica, it was one of our best decisions! They were always more than willing to offer us advice on every and any aspect, and they even helped us look through our AD schedule to see if we overlooked anything! They’re also so prompt in their replies, they are often the ones chasing after me for replies 😂

    On our AD, the Senica team was always really prompt and took lots of initiative to capture memories for us! Benson had his lunch late as he was still capturing photos for me and my friends even after the church ceremony, though he wasn’t obligated to. Our friends and families had nothing but praises for the team for their great service and professionalism.

    We were in for a surprise when we received our photos and videos. They came in a really nice packaging and a handwritten card! Senica also printed many of the nicest shots out for us 😍 The photos and videos really really exceeded our expectations. Thank you Sebas, Monica and team! We are so thankful to have you all capture the most precious memories for us :’)

    – Kee Yong & Xin Yuan
  • Monica, Sebastian and Benson were great! Monica was so personable and also recommended me the makeup artiste who did her AD makeup. That turned out very well and I’m so grateful for that!

    Benson was great too! He arrived early and took many nice and artistic shots. Kudos to him for running up and down my house (3 storeys!) to capture the happenings. I felt like I was in good hands and true enough that was reflected when I collected the pictures. It came in a very nice bag and USB. They also printed some photos out for me to keep. I’m so glad I engaged Senica! Their service and delivery are top notch! 

    – Chun Long & Adeline
  • Sebastian was there for me for my wedding and I am so glad he was available! He was such a joy to have around and truly made the day enjoyable. From the initial meeting, Monica and Seb shared great tips on wedding planning as they just got married and are the sweetest couple. On the actual day, he worked really well with my videographer and made sure to set things up to create the perfect photo! Most of all, he was talented yet humble and we felt so blessed to have him. Thank you for being so accommodating to my complicated schedule and helping to get my relatives to smile! We absolutely loved the photos, thank you for personally delivering them in the most beautiful leather bag and thumbdrive too! Would highly recommend their services to any couple 🙂

    – Kang Wei & Jamie
  • My wife and I, at any point of time, NEVER had regretted our decision in engaging Senica Photos and having them as our actual day photographer.

    On our first meetup session with Senica, Sebas and Monica are really very approachable. Them being an experienced couple, walked us through the entire process and what we will be expecting on our actual day itself. They even took the extra effort in looking through our actual day schedule, giving us suggestion and even drafted another set of schedule as a guide for us. We have never felt like a customer to them instead more like a family member advising us.

    Monica, being our POC really helped us alot in our planning. She answers to all our questions and always asking if we have any uncertainty in regards to our wedding.

    Sebas, being our actual day photographer, guided us the entire day. He will always find the best angle to take pictures be it in the house or at the venue itself. He can make the impossible happen. Us being camera shy, he made both of us feel comfortable, less awkwardness the entire day.
    We can sing praises to them all day long. We really thank Sebastian and Monica being so professional in their work and their effort.

    We would definitely recommend Senica Photos to every couple out there! 100 stars for them!

    We wish Senica to grow even bigger!

    Thank you Sebastian and Monica.

    – Klinsmann & Reena
  • We first heard of Senica Photos through Dayre, when I saw someone share their Together Forever package, which was very reasonably priced.

    Seven months on, we are so thankful to have engaged Senica Photos for our actual day wedding photography and photobooth. Throughout our wedding journey, Sebas and Monica were nothing short of helpful, friendly and genuine, sharing their own wedding experiences and their advice and observations from the heart.

    Two of my hubby’s and my friends have since decided to engage Senica for their wedding too, and we would highly recommend Senica to other couples as well.

    We loved the unique photobooth props, welcome poster and childhood montage that Senica provided, and the photos they took of us at church and our lunch banquet! On our wedding day, Sebas worked tirelessly and always had a ready smile even though our schedule overran slightly. We knew we were in good hands.

    – Dan & Kim
  • Dear Monica and Sebastian,

    I would like to thank the both of you for photographing Marcus’ and my solemnization ceremony. Marcus, my family, and I are really pleased with the photos and they are really lovely.

    I would like to thank Sebastian for braving the afternoon heat to get our photos and taking the initiative to scout for places around for us to take our portraits. Sebastian was really friendly and professional, and it made our first time together in front of camera less awkward. We had a lot of fun doing the fun poses and walking around the area (which we’ve never explored before). Thank you for your patience and taking lots of photos of our family, and I’m sure my family and Marcus’ family would really love and appreciate the photos (my mum has started bugging me to get it blown up and printed!)

    Thank you, Monica, for your prompt replies and for coordinating the entire shoot. It was a pleasure working with the both of you and I hope to work with you guys in the future!

    Once again, thank you for the photos!
    Have a wonderful Lunar New Year!

    – Marcus & Emily
  • I could sing praises about this duo all day but I’ll keep it short and sweet!

    Senica is the first (and only) photographer we approached for our wedding about a year and a half before our AD. Chanced upon their promo from facebook (a godsend really) and had a look at their portfolio. Really liked their photos so we arranged a meet up shortly. We hit off right from the start! They were both super helpful, friendly and just overall wonderful people. After the first meeting came the whole arranging of the PWS and omg i was constantly bombarding them with questions and modifications to the schedule but they still replied so nicely!

    Their cover photo is part of my PWS btw (shamelessly have to add that). The AD went off without a hitch and it’s really thanks to them. I loved every single photo they captured. I’ve recommended them to all my bride to be friends and am happy to report that a few of them signed too! We approached them as clients but we emerged as friends, how often can you say that? 100 stars!!! No regrets!! 

    – Colin & Ruth

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