1.       Smart casual is okay

boy-773630_1280 If your work allows you to dress up in smart casual attire, then don’t pull out your formal attire just for the corporate shoot, as the look and feel of the photos may illustrate a distinct difference between the real nature of your business versus the façade created for the photo shoot.

2.       Little or no make up is okay

person-801829_1280 As mentioned in previous article about being on point for photo shoots, if makeup is not part of your life, then don’t force it onto your corporate shoot. An article in 2014 talked about how successful people have a uniform because they simply don’t have enough time to decide what to wear and whether their eyeliner is too thick. Here’s a quote from Obama:
‘You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits’ ‘I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.’
He also mentioned how research has shown that the simple act of making decisions degrades one’s ability to make further decisions. Truth is, if makeup isn’t your ballgame, dolling yourself up for the corporate shoot might instead have a backfire effect. One option which you may consider is, to ask reliable friends/family members who knows you well enough to do some light/natural makeup for you. My advice on top of that is to have a quick discussion with your makeup pal and know the things that will go onto your face.

3.       A form of investment

Let’s be honest, the first thing we do before a business meeting is to check out the person’s profile and company background on the Internet. More than often, this shapes our first impression of the company or the person we are going to meet. Therefore, having a good photo of yourself and your employees is so crucial, especially in today’s context. Not forgetting to mention the number of business relationships formed solely through the Internet.

4.       Shapes working style and career goals

Before conducting a corporate shoot, there’s always the process of envisioning one’s business and career goals. These are necessary thoughts before going for a corporate shoot so that through your photos, others can receive these determined vibes.

5.       Affirmation that your business and career has reached another milestone

The choice to document your business through corporate photography is a milestone. It is probably one of the best channels for you to officially introduce the business and your co-workers. The decision to introduce your company through photos possess compelling effects as your clients will finally have a clear picture of the people behind the company they are dealing with, and the effects is beyond impactful. 6.       Last but not least, the prices for corporate photography are not always sky high. Check out what we did for local startup, FindAWealthManager here. Senica Photos is a strong supporter for local startup. If you’re an entrepreneur and would like to have your corporate photos taken, drop us an email [email protected] and we will do our best to make that happen for you.