Desmond & Yani’s Catholic Wedding Singapore

We normally hold our tears quite well, but at Desmond & Yani’s wedding, Sebas couldn’t hold back. Due to reasons, it took Desmond & Yani quite an amount of time and effort to hold a Catholic Wedding. The couple could’ve taken the convenient way out but they didn’t. Their story, love and strength in the believe of their faith touched everyone’s heart.

It’s hard to explain emotions, but the atmosphere at Desmond and Yani’s wedding was really emotional, heartwarming and joyous. It’s also the first time we’ve seen so many tears of joy coming from guests celebrating a couple’s union. 🙂

Documenting their union led us to truly feel that love has no boundaries and when you truly love someone, you want the best for them.

Wedding Photography by Sebastian. Edited by Sebastian & Monica with love. 

Venue: Blessed Sacrament Church
Bridal: The Gown Connoisseur
Makeup: @tracyimhmua
Flowers: Everything by bride’s friends & family <3

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