Valentine’s Day is approaching, and during this season of love, couples work their minds to think of the perfect Vday gift for their special other half. Generous flower bouquets are one of the most popular and delightful gift for many ladies. From a practical point of view, flower bouquets are expensive and they wither eventually. However, most of us women still get a gush of special feeling whenever we’re presented with a surprise bouquet. So, what’s the magic about flowers and why do they make such popular Vday gift? My curiosity on this brings me hundreds of years back to the origins of flower bouquets, where majority of people spoke the ‘Language of Flowers’.

 The origins of flower bouquet

People were not allowed to openly express their emotions in ancient times, hence, the ‘Language of Flowers’, was born. Using suitable flowers, senders expressed their emotions to the desired recipients. ­ The language of flowers was especially elaborated during the Victorian era where great effort and details were put into creating perfect flower bouquets. Everything about the bouquet mattered. The colours of the flowers, sizing, flower fillers (accompanying flowers) and the positioning of the flowers all conveyed different meanings. For instance, if you present a beautiful bouquet of roses upside down, you’re provoking your recipient as it symbolises anger!

 Flower bouquets and its meaning today

While many of us are unaware of the meaning behind various types of flowers, this tradition of gifting flower bouquets continues and is still used as an expression of sentiments today.

 Here’s the meanings to some of the popular flowers:

Roses: Perhaps one of the most popular choices, roses signifies love and appreciation. Of course, different colours of roses carries their own meanings. Sunflowers: Also a popular choice of flowers, the sunflower signifies longevity (I would have never guessed this!) as it resembles the sun and joy to the start of each day. Carnations: The official flower for Mother’s day, white carnations represents purity and luck, while pink carnations signifies sign of gratitude. Religiously, carnations are believed to have first bloomed on Earth when Mary wept for Jesus as he carried the cross. Daisies: With an assortment of colours coupled with large pretty blooms, daisies are popular options to express cheerful sentiments, so it’s perfect for a perk-you-up type of expression. Tulips:  Another very popular bouquet option, tulips express elegance and beauty. Like roses, tulips of different colours carry different meanings. For instance, red tulip signifies ‘perfect love’, while yellow tulips symbolises cheerfulness. White tulips conveys forgiveness and purple represents royalty. There are many other meanings behind different kinds of flowers. If you’re looking for a specific type, you can find out more about them here. If you’re looking to convey your sentiments for your loved one or special friend through a unique made-to-order flower bouquet this Valentine’s day, speak to our flora partner Aaron Heather @9127 1640.  Customise your flower bouquets at wallet friendly rates when you quote ‘Senica 2016 Vday Special’ !