Jeremy & Jolene’s Yacht Wedding, Singapore

Our sunshine couple, Jolene & Jeremy’s casual yacht wedding photoshoot in Singapore. Similar to their personality, their wedding celebration was filled with vibrant, happy and warm colours. When Jolene told us that they were going to hold their solemnization and an afternoon celebration on a yacht, we never imagined that they were getting off and onto the jet ski!

Nonetheless, as surprised as we were, we love it! The couple’s embracement towards fun and their happiness made the afternoon of celebration extra sweet and heartwarming. While photos can only do some justice to the lovely happy atmosphere felt on their sunny wedding afternoon, I guess JP (Ms Joanna Portilla) expressed how everyone felt for the couple – showers of love and blessings, with her statement sunnies!

Solemnization Photography by Sebastian. Edited by Sebastian & Monica with love. 

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