In light of global travel restrictions and capacity limit at selected venues, Senica is offering high quality live-streaming services for your guests to remotely experience the witnessing of your union.

Our livestream service works well for:

– Small-scale Solemnizations 
– Large-scale Church Wedding services
– Other events

What We Provide

wedding live stream singapore
Different Viewing Experiences

Depending on your preference and/or what you require, our live-stream service could solely consist of a single roving camera, or multi-cameras for a fuller, holistic experience for your guests!

Streaming on Popular Platforms

We are also able to stream on these platforms – YouTube, Facebook Live, Zoom and Twitch, giving you the option to choose the most suitable and comfortable platform for you and your guests.

wedding live stream singapore
wedding live stream singapore
A Fully Customizable Experience

Our live-stream package is fully customizable to tailor to your needs. So you don’t have to worry about paying for a feature you don’t need.

Prices start from $380

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