Featured image credit: Vario Weddings Be it for any type of occasions or photo shoot, healthy fresh blooms triumphs. It is okay if you don’t have a green thumb. Follow these 5 tips and your flowers should last!
  1. Hydrate your flowers
It’s always a heartache to dismantle the beautiful bouquet of flowers that has been thoughtfully chosen for you. However for your flowers to enjoy longevity, it’s important to hydrate them asap. So remember to pop them inside a clean vase filled with suitable amount of water instead of leaving them as it is!
  1. Cut the flower stems at an angle
You should cut the stems of the flowers at an angle as it allows a wider surface area for water to travel up the stem. To improve water absorption, you can also re-cut the stems.
  1. Change water at least once every two days
To prevent bacteria growth that can contaminate the water and speed the death of your flowers, wash the vase with soap when you change the water at least once every other day. The ideal temperature of your water should be room temperature as having water that’s too cold can kill the cells within the flowers, while water that’s too warm can speed up the blooming process and in turn, the withering stage.
  1. Keep it away from fruits
Most fruits produce ethylene gas, somewhat like an aging hormone for plants and flowers, and they can cause the flowers to die quickly.
  1. Additional toppings
If you do not have proper flora food to keep the flowers healthy, here’s a few alternative methods you can try out to extend the livelihood of your flowers.
  • Crush one panadol and drop it inside the vase with water. This will help to kill off bacteria and maintain the cleanliness of the water.
  • ¼ can of 7Up, ¾ water and 2-3 drops of bleach (Alternative flora food)
  • Apple cider vinegar + Sugar
  • 2 tablespoon of cider and 2 tablespoon of sugar into the water (Alternative flora food)
Now that we have equipped you with the secrets to making flowers last longer and the reason behind the gifting of flowers, hesitate no more and let flowers express your feelings this Valentine’s Day. It takes time, effort and a bit of budget to customise a special bouquet. In order to ensure there’s sufficient time to prepare your bouquet, reserve your florist early! If you have yet to pick a florist, speak to the reliable talent fingers, Jelena from Aaron Heather @9127 1640 to reserve your bouquet at reasonable rates!