Many actual day wedding venues have strict no pet policies, therefore an alternative option for couples to honor their furry friend in their wedding is to include the pet in pre-wed photos.

We have rounded up 7 important things that you ought to take note of before bringing your pet down for the shoot.

1. Inform the venue(s) and photographer

Set a reminder to inform your venue (if your shoot is going to happen in a private/indoor area) and the photographer about your plans to bring in your furry friend for the shoot. Many private venues have no pet policies and some photographers are allergic to pets.

By informing your photographer early, he/she can also brainstorm fun shots to be taken with your pet!

2. Know Your Pet

You can anticipate your pet’s reaction and handle it on the day of the shoot if you understand its personality. For instance, if your pet is a dog who is extremely energetic, have a family member/friend bring it for a run before the shoot so that his/her excess energy can be burnt off and behave calmly during the shoot.

Although there’s no guarantee on how your pet will behave on the day of the shoot, you understand it best, so it is your call to decide if he/she is suitable to follow you and your partner outfield for the pre-wed shots.


3. Have a Pet-sitter

Like what we wrote previously on pre-wedding tips for couples, on top of the bride’s assistant, you’ll need extra help from a friend whom you can rely on to be your pet sitter for the shoot.

This is to minimize time lost for you to settle your pet as most photographers charge base on hourly basis. Having a sitter also ensures that your pet is fed and watered sufficiently so that you and your partner can rest your mind during the shoot.

Alternatively, if you have no suitable friend to take on the role as a pet sitter, you can look for me (just kidding!). You can consider engaging a reliable pet-sitter to tag along your shoot so that you don’t have to leave your pet bored somewhere.

4. Dressing Up Your Pet

Given the weather in Singapore, our advice is to not over complicate your pets dressing. Keep it simple and be sure that it does not bring any discomfort for your pet.

If accessory is involved, remember to remove any potential choking hazard.

We’ve seen many owners who simply don a bowtie or flower garland (check with florist for allergic free options for pets) over their pet and we find that those are great examples of fun and easy ways to dress up your pet.

    “Couples can also consider bringing a leash that suits the theme and matches the colour of the couples clothing”

– Sebastian, co-founder & main photographer of Senica Photos


5. Prepare Treats

Don’t forget! Treats are good ways to get your pet’s attention to the camera.


6. Visit the pet groomer few days before the shoot

To prevent shedding and for them to look and smell awesome.


7. Take things naturally and enjoy the process

While you can rehearse with your pet prior to the shoot by taking him/her on a field trip down to the venue and let it get used to the space, some pets just get really excited on the actual day of the shoot. Hence, just remain positive and enjoy the pre-wed experience with your partner and your pet, as award winning photographer, Tracey Buyce said:

    “The unpredictability of animals makes for the best pictures. Those offbeat moments tend to be the most memorable.”

We hope the article provided new insights to involving your pet in pre-wed shoot. If you’re planning for an unforgettable pre-wed experience that’s tailored to the story of you and your partner, drop us a message to have a chat and find out what we can do for you!