Chinese New Year is just round the corner. Excited as we may be, many of us often face a common problem during CNY- Bloating.

Especially for ladies, I believe one of the most dreadful questions to receive other than the unavoidable work and relationship questioning is,  “你是不是发福了?“ , which translates simply to a very polite way of saying that you’ve been eating too much. Alright, point taken, but I’m not gonna eat less cos of that comment 😛 

To put it simply, most of us want to look good, especially during CNY where we take loads of photos and go house visiting. But how do we maintain our slimmest form without having to sacrifice on the snacking?

Here’s five types of food that which you can consume to reduce that bloat.

1. Banana / Avocado / Papaya

banana chopped in a bowlImage Resource

Bananas and avocados are rich in potassium. This means that they are able to reduce water retention and balance the sodium levels in your system. These fruits are also the key to reduce salt-induced bloating, which is a main cause from snacking.

half papaya with seedsImage Resource

Papaya contains a type of enzyme known as papain, effective in breaking down proteins in your GI (gastrointestinal) system. This fruit is also known to be great in preventing inflammation in the system resulted from over consumption of sugar and saturated fat (sounds like CNY).

2. Lemon with water

lemon water in a jar

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We often misinterpret that water retention is the result of having too much water in the system. The truth is, water retention happens when your body is trying to hold on to the remaining liquid to prevent dehydration. Therefore, instead of skipping on liquid, you should take in more of it.

As lemons are diuretic, adding a few slices into warm water will also help to reduce salt-induced bloating.

3. Probiotic food; Yoghurt, Yakult

yakult bottles
Yoghurt with fruits in a bowl
Image Resource: Yakult, Yoghurt

Probiotics are often known as the ‘good bacteria’. Consuming probiotic food such as yoghurt (make sure there’s “live active cultures” under the nutritional label) and Yakult, helps extract nutrients and break down food for the body, effectively regulating digestion.

4. Cucumber

whole cucumbersImage Resource

Similar to papaya, cucumber prevents inflammation in the system. Like how it is known to reduce puffiness under the eyes, cucumber can do the same thing for your belly with the antioxidant it carries, known as quercetin. 

5. Peppermint / Chamomile / Green Tea

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Caffeine-free and full of great stuff, peppermint and chamomile tea helps your GI muscles to relax, releasing gas that has been causing you to feel bloated.

Green tea (not caffeine-free) on the other hand has natural antioxidants and is also diuretic, hence consuming a few cups a day will help to improve your digestion and pass out excess gas and water in your system, making you feel refreshed and less bloated.


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