The exchange of wedding bands marks a beautiful completion to a wedding ceremony. But what is the actual meaning of donning the band and why does a small piece of jewelry matter so much?

The symbolism of promise

In today’s culture, we see the exchange of wedding bands as a promise from each party to commit and unite as one in a lifelong relationship as husband and wife. The rings also play a role in subtlety informing others that the husband and wife is no longer in the market. This symbolism of promise is said to have originated from the Egyptians who also founded the ritual of ring exchange. In some culture, the wedding band is also known as the puzzle rings, where wealthy businessmen from the Middle East and Asia would give (or forced) their wives to put on when they had to go away. The puzzle ring served as a ‘spy’ for the wealthy men as they would known upon their return, whether any of the wives had removed the ring as the puzzle ring was designed to collapsed upon removal and could only be put back together by those with the knowledge and skills.

The shape of eternity

Again originated from the Egyptians, rings are often circle in shape as it signifies that the love of the couple has no beginning nor end. The hole in the center implies a gateway that represents the past, and future events that the couple will have to unitedly go through together. So to exchange the wedding band, it is to give your never-ending love and promise to work towards the future together.

The wedding finger

It is believed that by wearing the ring on the fourth finger on the left hand, you’re keeping the promise of commitment closest to your heart, as the vein in this finger is thought to connect directly to one’s heart.

The practical lady

During the times of the Ancient Rome, keys were carved on rings to symbolize that the bride had the key and right to access half of everything the groom owned following the marriage. However, many had also debated that the keys were merely carved on the rings to signify that the bride has found the key to the groom’s heart. Regardless of the various interpretations of the meaning behind the wedding band, it is apparent that since ancient times, exchange of the rings, and keeping it on revolved around the couple’s promise to each other and the honoring of union and loyalty. Do you think it is important for wedded couples to always keep their wedding bands on? Drop your comments and let us know why!