Silas & Gladys’s National Museum Solemnization

Witnessing Gladys and Silas’ solemnization at Flutes, National Museum reminded us to never take normality for granted.

2020 has been a whirlwind. Many couples who were supposed to get married this year had their plans disrupted due to COVID. Silas and Gladys booked us about a year ago to document their solemnization but as the months approached July, all of us grew more worried. Plans were constantly changing, and ideas of postponement were tossed around. Despite that, the couple’s mindset of going through with the solemnization within regulations stayed strong.

I remember having multiple difficult conversations with Gladys on how we might have to postpone their solemnization if the circuit breaker extends. Numerous times, our conversation would end with, “let’s hope for the better”. Not “hope for the best” because we’re content as long as the couple can hold a simple ceremony with their immediate families and close friends, and be officially wedded on their intended date.

Although the ceremony was quick and simple, it was quite emotional to see Gladys march down the aisle at Flutes and witness their marriage being officiated.

Solemnization photography by Sebastian. Edited by Sebastian & Monica with love.

Venue: Flutes at National Museum
Gown: Stitch by Stitch Co.
Flowers & Decor: Props & Crafts

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