Wedding photography in Singapore through the ages

Feature Photo Credit: National Archives Singapore

Just a few months more before we bid goodbye to 2016! Other than welcoming more rainfall in Singapore, the arrival of September also signifies the start of 2016’s wedding season leading up to February 2017!

As a photography firm, Senica Photos captures wedding moments of this era, and we are very curious to find out the transition of wedding photography in Singapore over the decades.

Hence, we have put up this collection of wedding photography taken in Singapore since our Great Grandparents time! Hope you enjoy our mini time travel collection!

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What you did not know about Raffles Hotel

Feature photo:

Raffles Hotel as we all know, is a historic five star hotel in Singapore under the AccorHotels Group. Intrigued by its rich history and timeless olden day colonial architecture, Senica Photos decided to dig in to the history of this National Monument. We were amazed by the events this alluring building has witnessed over the century.

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10 Gorgeous gowns under $250 for intimate wedding

Weddings are getting increasingly expensive in Singapore and more couples are opting for smaller scale intimate wedding where only close friends and family members are invited.

With the enquiries that we have been receiving from clients regarding alternative gown options for intimate wedding, we have decided to come up with a blog post that features 10 gorgeous gowns from Tao Bao under $250 (including shipping).

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Memoire of Dakota Crescent

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