Weddings are getting increasingly expensive in Singapore and more couples are opting for smaller scale intimate wedding where only close friends and family members are invited. With the enquiries that we have been receiving from clients regarding alternative gown options for intimate wedding, we have decided to come up with a blog post that features 10 gorgeous gowns from Tao Bao under $250 (including shipping). The estimated (Est) prices are rounded up and has yet to include shipping costs.

1.Off-shoulder gown covered with lace (Est: $180)

Photo: Taobao


2. Elie Saab inspired red evening gown (Est: $70)


3. Flowery mermaid gown in Ivory, train decorated with flowers (Est: $160)

4. Cascading ruffled wedding gown (Est: $185)

5. Sheer lace short sleeve wedding gown (Est: $198)

6. Modernised red Cheongsam (Est: $45)

7. Sheer wedding gown covered in flower petals in Champagne (Est: $150)

8. Tube top mermaid wedding gown (Est: $180)

9. Sheer half sleeved wedding gown (Est: $200)

10. Sheer embroidered wedding gown ($208)

The variety of gowns available on Tao Bao is huge, however you’ll really need to set aside ample time to sit in front of your computer to find the right one. This process will also involves your analytic skills to determine the overall appearance, quality and how the gown will eventually look on you. We feel that the gowns on Tao Bao have followed the 2016 wedding gown trend well and most of them claimed to be following the Korean wedding gown trends (Honestly, we can’t distinguish much difference from the Western and Korean trend). We noted however, that there’s a lot of emphasis on flora designs and embroideries matched with a portion of sheer for many 2016 gowns, including those from Tao Bao. While there are other online platforms such as JJ House and Light in the box to purchase gowns, we did not to include them as we have yet to try them out ourselves, and having bought an evening gown from Tao Bao and experiencing the whole purchase process, we find it to be rather enjoyable, reliable and valuable. Nevertheless, if you had never purchased from Tao Bao, do take note of the important points below, and make sure that you always purchase products with credible reviews. If the product you desires does not have any review yet, it’s up to you to take the risk with the buyer, or you can check out other product reviews from the same buyer to have a gauge on the overall product quality and service from the buyer. Summary of points to note: Before purchasing the gowns, be sure to check the reviews (if you can’t read Chinese, get your partner/friend who can do the favour as most reviews are awfully honest, especially when the product or customer service is bad). Read reviews to see if the measurements reflected on the product description are accurate as sometimes measurements online may be slightly bigger than the actual product. While gowns are supposed to fit the bride perfectly, sometimes these online gowns may not do such a perfect job even if it has been tailored to match your measurements. So be open to doing small adjustments yourself or at a local seamstress. For the price of the gowns, many of them are definitely incomparable to proper gown/bridal boutiques in terms of the ‘grand-ness’ or the quality. Most of the time, what we pay for is what we’ll receive, therefore we feel that online gowns will be more suitable for intimate weddings or formal pre-wedding shoots.